Our HVAC Services

Welcome to VanBucholtz Mechanical, where 'Efficiency and Excellence: Comfort for Every Season' is more than a tagline—it's a promise. From heat pumps to furnaces, we deliver superior HVAC solutions, tailored to your needs. Enjoy unparalleled comfort and efficiency, all year round.

Heating Services

Gas Work

At VanBucholtz Mechanical, we understand your residential gas needs and strive to meet them with the highest standards of service. Our team uses modern installation techniques to provide a range of services, from new meter setups to installations of a variety of appliances.

Whether you need a patio heater for cool evenings outdoors, a new range for your kitchen, an on-demand system for instant hot water, or a boiler for reliable heating, we've got you covered. Our experts ensure efficient and safe installations, contributing to the comfort and functionality of your home in Victoria, BC.


For residents of Victoria, BC, VanBucholtz Mechanical provides exceptional heating solutions with our range of top-quality furnaces. Our systems ensure a warm and comfortable home during the chilly winter months.

Beyond delivering consistent heat, our furnaces are designed for high efficiency, which means energy savings for you. Plus, our modern furnace designs encourage a greener solution in comparison to traditional fossil fuel appliances.

When you choose VanBucholtz Mechanical, you're not only investing in your home's comfort but also its overall health. Stay warm, save energy, and breathe easy with our top-tier furnace solutions.


VanBucholtz Mechanical, based in Victoria, BC, is your trusted provider of both gas and electric fireplaces, ensuring warmth and ambiance in every home.

Our gas models provide ample heat with real flames, perfect for creating an inviting, traditional hearth experience.

In contrast, our electric fireplaces, easy to install and highly adjustable, offer modern convenience and sleek design.

Whichever you choose, you'll enjoy a cozy atmosphere that perfectly complements your home's decor. We're committed to enhancing the comfort of your living spaces with our reliable, high-quality products and services.

On-Demand Hot Water

At VanBucholtz Mechanical in Victoria, BC, we offer the latest in tankless hot water technology, providing instant and continuous hot water when you need it. By heating water on demand, our systems eliminate the wait and inefficiency of traditional water heaters. This not only ensures consistent comfort in your hot water needs, but also results in substantial energy savings.

Our tankless hot water solutions are a testament to our commitment to both convenience and sustainability.

Trust VanBucholtz Mechanical for your hot water needs and experience the difference of modern, efficient living.

Hydronic Heating Systems

VanBucholtz Mechanical is proud to provide top-tier hydronic heating systems, delivering consistent and energy-efficient warmth to your home.

These systems use water as a medium to transfer heat, ensuring uniform warmth and silent operation. They're easily zoned to suit your specific needs, making them a smart choice for comfort and efficiency. With our hydronic heating systems, you can experience the advantage of advanced technology and significant energy savings.

Contact us to elevate your home heating experience with the unmatched comfort of hydronic systems.

Heat Pumps for Heating

Experience winter warmth like never before with heat pumps from VanBucholtz Mechanical, your trusted provider in Victoria, BC.

These units, an innovative solution for heating, utilize a system of heat transfer rather than generation, ensuring substantial energy savings. Their efficiency doesn't compromise on comfort, consistently delivering inviting warmth throughout the colder months.

By choosing VanBucholtz Mechanical's heat pumps, you're making a conscious choice for both cozy living and environmental sustainability. Let us redefine your winter comfort with our technologically advanced, eco-friendly heat pump solutions.

Cooling Services

Heat Pumps for Cooling

At VanBucholtz Mechanical, we specialize in efficient cooling solutions for the hot summers in Victoria, BC. Our heat pumps are top-tier systems that provide refreshing relief from the heat by effectively transferring warmth out of your home. Rather than generating cool air, these units work by displacing heat, offering significant energy savings.

As an eco-friendly choice for summer comfort, our heat pumps not only keep your home cool, but they also contribute to a healthier planet.

Trust in VanBucholtz Mechanical to provide effective, sustainable, and reliable solutions for your home comfort needs.

Ventilation Services


Ventilation systems from VanBucholtz Mechanical are designed to breathe new life into homes across Victoria, BC. By improving air circulation, our systems eliminate pollutants, control humidity, and help to maintain high-quality indoor air.

More than just enhancing comfort, the right ventilation system can contribute significantly to your health and wellbeing. Additionally, effective ventilation can reduce energy costs and boost the efficiency of your HVAC system.

With VanBucholtz Mechanical, you can trust in our commitment to not just the comfort, but also the health of your home environment. Improve your indoor air quality today with our cutting-edge ventilation solutions.

Fabrication Services

Sheet Metal

VanBucholtz Mechanical in Victoria, BC, takes pride in our ability to produce most sheet metal products, catering to a diverse range of needs.

Our custom fabrication shop, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and operated by skilled craftsmen, allows us to deliver precise, quality products.

Whether you require specialized HVAC components, unique architectural elements, or custom solutions for your residential or commercial project, we're ready to meet your specifications. Trust VanBucholtz Mechanical for precision, versatility, and quality in sheet metal fabrication.

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