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Proud Provider in Greater Victoria

As a proud local business in Greater Victoria, VanBucholtz Mechanical is your trusted partner for all HVAC needs. 

Our services range from installing new hot water systems to executing rebate-eligible renovations, heating upgrades, and managing new builds. With a commitment to quality and the community, we are always ready to enhance your comfort!

Over 35 Years of HVAC Experience

James and Mike, the owners of VanBucholtz Mechanical, carry a legacy of HVAC expertise.  Being 4th and 3rd generation tradespeople, they've witnessed the evolution of HVAC technology from the inside. 

Remember an '80s furnace? They've likely seen it during their childhood "tag-along" days on service calls. 

With over 35 years of hands-on experience (excluding their early learning years), they are not just well-versed in the trade; they're passionate about it. 
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Trust The Team That Grew Up Immersed In HVAC
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Using the Most Trusted HVAC Brands

Providing unrivaled comfort and performance with our selection of the highest-rated HVAC systems on the market.
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