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Victoria HVAC Services

Heat Pumps • Furnaces • Ventilation • Hydronic Heating Systems • Fireplaces • Hot Water

Sheet Metal
With our custom fabrication shop and skilled craftsmen, VanBucholtz Mechanical has the ability to produce a wide array of sheet metal products to suit all your unique needs.
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Gas Work
VanBucholtz Mechanical employs modern installation techniques to cater to all your residential gas needs, offering services ranging from new meter setups to the installation of multiple appliances such as patio heaters, ranges, on-demand systems, and boilers.
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VanBucholtz Mechanical in Victoria, BC provides top-quality furnaces, ensuring a warm, comfortable home in winter. Our efficient systems not only deliver consistent heat but also promote cleaner air and energy savings. Elevate your home's comfort with us.
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On-Demand Hot Water
On-demand hot water systems deliver instant warmth, eliminating wait times and reducing water wastage. By heating water only when needed, these energy-efficient units offer both cost savings and continuous comfort for showers, dishes, and more.
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Gas and electric fireplaces deliver warmth and ambiance with convenience. Gas models offer real flames and ample heat, while electric units are easy to install and highly adjustable. Both provide cozy atmospheres and offer stylish heating option. Contact us for fireplace options.
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Hydronic Heating Systems
Hydronic heating systems use water to transfer heat throughout your home, providing efficient, uniform warmth. They're easy to zone, silent in operation, and compatible with any heat source. Ideal for those who value comfort and energy-efficiency. Contact us to learn more about hydronic heating.
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Ventilation is crucial for maintaining air quality, removing pollutants, and controlling humidity. It supports healthier living environments, reduces energy costs, and enhances HVAC efficiency. Invest in proper ventilation for comfort and wellbeing. Contact us for more information on ventilation.
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Heat Pumps for Cooling
Heat pumps are an efficient cooling solution, providing refreshing relief during hot weather. They transfer heat out of your home, rather than generating cool air, leading to significant energy savings. An eco-friendly choice for summer comfort. Contact us to learn more about cooling your home with a heat pump.
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Heat Pumps for Heating
Heat pumps offer effective heating, providing consistent warmth during colder months. By transferring heat from the outside to your home, rather than generating it, they achieve significant energy savings. An eco-friendly choice for winter comfort. Contact us to learn more about heating your home with a heat pump.
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Heating & Cooling Specialists in Victoria

We've provided heating and cooling services to a variety of happy customers in Victoria. They trust us to provide to provide the highest quality and customer service available. See some examples of feedback we received for our HVAC services.

Mat Rashid

By far the most knowledgeable and professional crew I've ever had the pleasure of hiring. These guys are the A-team when it comes to making sure your home heating and cooling is top of the line. There is no challenge to great for James and Mike! I highly recommend their services!

Brendon Bell

I reached out to James and Mike regarding plumbing in the propane for my generator installation. They were very quick to respond and I could have not asked for a more professional installation and communication. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Ernest Jardine

Absolute pros. Can’t say enough about the service and expertise that they bring. I have used them now on four separate occasions on a variety of different projects/situations and each time they leave me more impressed than the last!
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